Our war room service ensures that your most important account opportunities have the highest level of focus, accountability and momentum all the way through closure. 


We are not simply ‘advice givers’ - we work side-by side with your account executives, running strategic opportunity war rooms, applying just-in-time expertise and arming them with tools and live coaching where it counts: in the field.


We will…

  • Guide your team in strategy development and mapping for large prospects.
  • Facilitate your team to create powerful ‘Win Themes™’.
  • Help you assess your competition and develop strategic differentiators to ensure success.
  • Partner with you in the preparation of large proposals or RFP’s to create a winning response.
  • Work with you to create influential client presentations.
  • Provide sales leadership and expert input for complex bids and proposals.
  • Keep track of action items, associated ownership for tasks and follow through.
  • Stay with your account team through closure.
  • Encourage your account team to celebrate big wins!
  • Conduct win/loss retrospectives with your clients.


Ready To Start Landing Top Line Accounts? 

 Case Study for Manufacturing Client:

I want to share an inspirational story that underscores the importance of the pre-strategy SWOT as a foundational element of the TOP Line Account™ strategy war room.  I‘ll never forget a strategy meeting with one of my clients, a fortune 50 technology company, who was trying to determine if they should go after an opportunity or not.  They weren’t sure they could compete and the VP of Sales asked me to join the session to help them decide. After laying out all the elements, we decided they had a shot. I continued to work with the team ensuring that we had a strategic approach to every step of the sales process.  A year and a half later, they won the deal, worth 25M.


The TOP Line Account™ System:

There are a lot more details in the complete War Room session recording. The entire War Room session is available for free. CLICK HERE for access.