Top Line Sales has worked with and trained hundreds of sales professionals from Fortune 500 companies and mid-market organizations across the U.S.  We offer a multi-day highly interactive training workshop focused on top opportunity account development.  Each account team leaves the workshop with a full strategy plan for their chosen account. The workshop is fully customized for your company, industry and culture through pre-work with key sales leaders, assessments, executive sponsor messaging and post workshop reinforcement action plans.

The workshop includes the Sales Strategy Intelligence Quiz (Assessment), step by step instruction on the TOP Line Account™ system, exercises, break outs, role plays and use of the TLS ‘must have’ sales tools. Skills reinforcement is mapped and customized for each client prior to the Workshop event thereby ensuring your positive return on investment.

We will…

  • Assess your strategic selling skills and facilitate plans for improvement.        
  •  Conduct highly interactive workshops focused on building a strategic approach to your TOP Line Account™ opportunities.
  • Train your team on each step of the TOP Line Account™ System.
  • Give participants access to all the Top Line Sales ‘must have’ strategic sales tools.
  • Improve the performance of your team to help you win strategic accounts and beat the competition.
  • Facilitate post training reinforcement programs and techniques to ensure a positive return on investment.


Ready To Start Landing Top Line Accounts? 

Case Study:

Use of ‘Win Themes’ brings millions to Healthcare Insurance Client:

Top Line Sales was helping a healthcare insurance client right after the account executives went through the Strategic Sales Development Workshop. Their largest customer issued an RFP which included all the services they were providing.  They were very concerned. As we all know, anything can happen during an RFP.  We held a war room meeting to determine what it would take to retain the account.  We started with a complete dossier on each competitor.  From that analysis, we were able to hone in our ‘win themes’ or those areas of differentiation which also put the lead competitor at a disadvantage.  We made sure that each answer in their RFP response emphasized at least one win theme, and also included an example or evidence to further solidify our points.  This was a very different approach from their normal bid responses which were professional but generic. The win themes carried through in the presentation stage and also during all interactions with the customer. My client won the RFP, retained their customer, worth millions to the organization, and continues to enjoy significant business from that customer today.


The TOP Line Account™ System: