Top Line Sales offers sales coaching, specifically focused on TOP Line Accounts™, which includes quarterly goal setting, prospect strategy, periodic self-assessments, review of sales materials, development of sales plans and integration of TLS (Top Line Sales) sales tools at point of need. On-going coaching guarantees built in accountability, feedback and focus on both process and results.

Our custom coaching programs include:


1.    Regular sales coaching meetings with a clear agenda and focus on TOP Line Account™ development

2.    Written recap of each coaching session for reinforcement

3.    Quarterly sales progress reports

4.    e-mail support for questions and ‘point of need’ coaching input

5.    Access and sharing of TLS intellectual property including tools, processes, methods, best practices, and written materials

6.    On-going mindshare of Lisa Magnuson, who will be thinking about the challenges and opportunities of your sales situations throughout the contracted period


We will…

  •  Help you assess your current approach to TOP Line Account™ development.
  •  Work with you to develop a clear plan to improve sales of critical prospects.
  •  Meet with you regularly to ensure accountability and forward momentum.
  •  Offer constructive feedback and reinforcement.
  •  Focus on immediate opportunities as well as long term sales development.
  •  Help you close more business and win larger accounts. 

Ready To Start Landing Top Line Accounts? 

Case Study:

Executive Cultivation Saves Contract at Professional Services Client:

You’ve heard stories before about the exponential power of executive cultivation. This is one of the things we emphasize in the Sales Results Coaching System. Well, one of my TLS clients who has a successful consulting company landed an extremely large account.  Right from the beginning of the engagement we knew that an executive cultivation plan was essential to his survival based on the politics within his new customer’s organization.  That C-level relationship, which he carefully developed over time, through executive updates, lunches and alerts, paid huge dividends.  One new project was fast tracked by months and another time he avoided getting terminated when his primary contact suddenly left the company.


The TOP Line Account™ System: