Top Line Sales offers:

Sales Executive Mastermind Group

For sales leaders only (VP’s and Directors of Sales).  We offer sales executives across non-competing industries a professionally facilitated, exclusive group to focus on goal achievement and strategic issue resolution.  Members experience greater success through high level peer interactions in an environment that fosters trust, sharing of expertise and support.

Sales Leadership Playbook Development

Top Line Sales helps you create a custom sales playbook for your company, incorporating the sales concepts of the Top Line Sales systems.  This playbook of best practices leads to consistency and sustainable results across the sales organization which translates to higher sales and better quality customers.


Sales Process Development

Top Line Sales helps you identify and document the sales process for your organization.  Through in-depth discovery and interviews, best practices are uncovered and codified which leads to improved consistency and predictable outcomes at each stage of the sales process.


Sales Leadership Coaching

Custom programs, such as coaching, one-on-one sales training or projects, are tailored to the needs of each sales leader.


Ready To Start Landing Top Line Accounts? 

Case Study:


Loss Retrospective Turns Loss Into Banner WIN for Technology Company


I’ll never forget one loss retrospective meeting and how it changed the course of events for one of my clients.  My client had gone through a lengthy sales process for a very large new opportunity with Hewlett-Packard.  HP was impressed with my client but in the end, decided to stay with their current supplier of services.  I encouraged my client to request a loss retrospective and again, HP gave them feedback on their professionalism and effort to go the extra mile to learn from the sales process.  The turnaround occurred when the current supplier had issues early in the contract and HP decided to reverse their decision and go with my client.  This was one of the largest contracts for my client that year and they continued to enjoy revenues from HP for years.  HP became one of their banner accounts.  The loss retrospective impressed HP and left the door open.  In the end, HP was confident enough to walk through that door.


What Sales VP’s are saying about the Top Line Sales run Mastermind Group:


“The Top Line Sales Mastermind Group is like having my own personal board of directors.  They hold me accountable, provide insight to business issues that I would not have developed on my own and help me see challenges for a variety of angles.  I find that the rigor that Lisa puts in place for the team ensures we get the highest value for the time invested and that we constantly stay focused on driving results.”

Director of Sales and Marketing, Medical Equipment Company


“The diversity of the Top Line Sales Mastermind Group allows me to look at issues from many points of view.  The fact that we are all sales leaders provides a great “kindred spirit” in working together to solve problems we face and opportunities we deal with daily.”

VP Global Sales, eDiscovery Software Company


"The mastermind group has had a significant positive impact on my business.
Truly a trusted peer to peer advisory board. Input, feedback and insight has translated to measurable outcomes that far out way the time commitment and membership investment."

Marketplace VP, Information Technology Company


The TOP Line Account™ System: