Top Line Sales has worked with and trained hundreds of sales professionals from Fortune 500 companies and mid-market organizations across the U.S. on how to turn cost centers into revenue generators.  One of our major offerings is a one or two day highly interactive training program focused on sales outreach for non-sales people. The session is designed to give your customer service team the motivation, knowledge, and tools to be able to help customers use more of your services, thereby building revenue for your organization. It includes assessments, exercises, role plays, and step by step instruction.  The training is fully customized for your company, industry and culture through pre-work with key managers and leaders, including the use of assessments, executive sponsor messaging and post workshop reinforcement action plans.   Skills reinforcement is mapped and customized for each client prior to the training event.

We will…

Conduct highly interactive training workshops focused on business development for non-sales people.

A sample training agenda may include:

  •  Establishing rapport
  •  Pre-call planning
  •  Effective questioning
  •  Listening skills
  •  Follow up techniques
  •  Differentiation strategies
  •  Strategies to walk in your customer’s shoes
  •  Overcoming obstacles
  •  Good, Better, Best challenge


The training also includes:

Assessing your current outreach skills to facilitate plans for improvement.

Exposure and practice with the Top Line Sales ‘must have’ customer development tools.

Post training reinforcement to support every aspect of new business development skills and practices.


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