What Do Client’s Say About Working With Top Line Sales?

“Working with Top Line Sales is easy.  They are accessible and excellent at anticipating our needs, bringing fresh ideas to the table on a regular basis.  They also have a unique approach to creating and fostering a mutually accountable environment; they make us want to do better.  This approach has yielded measurable results over the years.”

VP of Sales 

Fortune 50 High Tech Manufacturing Company


“Top Line Sales is more than a resource, but a trusted partner and an integral member of our team.”

President & CEO

Professional Services Company


“We don’t use a lot of consultants but Top Line Sales is the exception.  Top Line Sales has helped us present ourselves with a much higher level of professionalism.  The thing that we might appreciate most about working with Top Line Sales is the direct and honest feedback they give us on how to improve.”


Regional Printing Solutions Company 


“Working with Top Line Sales has been extremely easy.  They are flexible, easy mannered and provide constructive feedback in a way people can understand, implement and quickly see results.  They are comfortable working at all levels of an organization and can be deployed in many different ways – training, consulting, and deal level guidance.”


Healthcare Insurance Organization



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“Top Line Sales partnered with us to enhance our current efforts and added new ideas and tools that we hadn’t considered.  We expect that the investment will have far reaching returns with improving our sales conversation, consistently understanding the customer’s point of view, improved confidence of our sales people and retention of our most important and strategic customers.”


Jeni Billups

Senior VP, Sales & Marketing

Oregon Freeze Dry



“One of the most valued aspects of Lisa’s approach is the work she does prior to the training to learn about the organization so that the training can be customized specifically to each audience member.  I would highly recommend Lisa’s approach and training to anyone interested in growing the skills of their employees in a hands-on, real world manner that includes much more than the actual day(s) of training.”  


Margaret Hay



“The Berkshire Company has been working with Top Line Sales since 2009. Through the Sales Results Coaching System, Top Line Sales had helped us transform our sales activity into purposeful actions. As part of the reviews, we receive documented analysis of our work, our results and recommendations on how to improve for even greater success. Working with Top Line Sales, we’ve learned to look back to move forward.

This approach has translated into greater consistency, meaning fewer valleys and higher peaks in the volume of closed sales.

Being successful requires many resources. Top Line Sales is more than a resource, but a trusted partner and an integral member of our team.”


Mark M. Fallon

President & CEO

The Berkshire Company




“We engaged Top Line Sales because we needed to shore up our sales processes and procedures.  We knew that to continue our positive revenue growth path, we needed to put a solid sales and sales management foundation in place and fast.

They worked with us to put together a professional sales program. As a result, we are confident in our ability to grow and we know that our sales will continue to go up.  Because of our relationship with Top Line Sales, sales management now has a clear line of sight between sales goals and revenue results.

Top Line Sales knows what needs to be done and is very easy to work with.  They brought big company expertise to our small company and as a result we now have the professional sales program that we sought.

Thank you so much Top Line Sales!”


Sandy Barnes

Cameron Design Group


“Providence Health & Services engaged Top Line Sales to provide sales training to our group of over 30 sales and outreach people and their managers.  Prior to the training, our managers reported their top issues as: inconsistent approach (techniques, language, tools) to sales and lack of clarity around sales best practices.  After the training, attendees had a standard approach for pre-call planning, were more comfortable with open ended sales questions and understood how to tie features to benefits and why this is important.  The impact for our organization is increased consistency and clarity with regards to our sales efforts.  Attendee feedback was extremely positive and post training survey results were very strong as well.


Working with Top Line Sales exceeded our expectations.  Top Line Sales takes a professional and pro-active approach which resulted in a highly successful engagement.  We recommend Top Line Sales to any organization who wants to improve sales and sales effectiveness.”


Dawn Tolotti

Regional Director Outreach Services

Providence Health & Services


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