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Reasons to Hire Top Line Sales

  • Meet the Mastermind Sales Strategist behind the Top Line Account System

Lisa Magnuson is an expert in strategic sales and TOP Line Account™ revenue building. As a respected sales consultant and author, Lisa works with clients to build successful strategic sales programs that drive revenue from large new accounts and enable growth from existing high value customers.

Businesses who engage with Lisa get results. No wonder that 100% of Top Line Sales’ business comes from referrals!

Lisa brings over 30 years of sales, training and sales leadership experience to her engagements. She has worked with clients, large and small, across a broad spectrum of industries including high technology, healthcare, software, manufacturing and professional services. She also draws on her background from holding executive positions with Xerox Corporation and IKON Office Solutions as well as serving on several significant and high profile Boards including the Portland State University Foundation Board of Directors.


Top Line Sales, founded by Lisa in 2005, has a proven track record of helping companies overcome the barriers to winning TOP Line Accounts™.  Their clients boast of closed contracts totaling over $100 million in new revenue due to Lisa’s ‘roll up your sleeves’ approach to help her clients win.


Lisa is a published author of more than 100 articles on sales topics ranging from pre-call planning to landing TOP Line Accounts™.  She is frequently featured on radio shows and in social media.


        Books by Lisa Magnuson include:

  •  The Simple Executive Engagement Plan
  •  3 Secrets to Increase Sales with Existing Customers
  •  The 48-Hour Rule

        Significant Book Contributions by Lisa Magnuson include:

  •  Whale Hunting with Global Accounts by Barbara Weaver Smith
  •  Advice For New and Emerging Sales Managers From the Experts by Alice Kemper
  •  Sell Better and Sell More by 23 Sales Experts, offered by
  •  Sales Leadership Tips, offered by


Lisa has a certification in Change Management. She earned a Bachelor’s degree and graduated with honors from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA.


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