Do I Really Need to Document my Sales Process?


Question:  Do I really need to document my sales process?


Answer: Have you taken the time to document your sales cycle? Many sales leaders I ask have not given this much thought....(more)


Answer:  They claim that each sales situation is unique, impossible to replicate.  They say that they only hire tenured sellers who know what to do. Maybe they've never considered it an ‘A’ priority. 
However, the benefits of clearly articulating each step of your sales process are enormous. I've found that by identifying each step of your 'typical' sales cycle and detailing what needs to be accomplished in each phase, it's possible to shorten the time from first contact to close. In all cases, by thinking through your 'ideal' sales cycle and capturing best practices, you become more focused and therefore more effective which leads to improved and predictable results. For example, if you don't have a 'qualification' aspect early in your engagement, you may be wasting precious time on a prospect that is not a good fit for your products or services.

A summary of the enormous value and benefits associated with nailing down your sales process includes:

• A clear path from first contact to close (Predictable outcomes)
• The ability to measure your sales effectiveness (Improved close ratios)
• Identifying your 'trigger' events (Multiplier effect)
• Once documented, it can be easily communicated throughout the organization (Consistency)
• Shorten the time to close through focus and efficiency (Improved results)


When the sales path is clear, there’s no stopping the team in landing or retaining TOP Line Accounts™!


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